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PoliceCommunity Relations week 1 discussion 2

Often, the community in which the police work is not accepting of the police orauthority, making the police officer’s job more difficult.  

Identify and discuss the barriers to a good police-community relationship. Howwould you avoid these issues or work to resolve them if you were a policeadministrator?  How would you avoid these issues or work to resolve themif you were head of a federal agency, state agency, sheriff’s office, or amunicipal agency? (In addition to answering from a police administrator’sperspective, answer from the perspective of two of the aforementionedagencies.) Would your techniques be different for each type of agency? How andwhy?   

Your initial response should be 250-300 words in length. Your claims should besupported by the text and/or other academic resources. Respond to at least twoof your classmates’ postings by Day 7.

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