Writing An Essay 4 Pages Basic Words And Normal Vocabs

I need in basic english and as much as you can normal words since my english is my second language so if you make it advanced words i might be in trouble 

write a 4 page paper that will do four things:

1) Discern what the author’s argument is;

2) Identify the sources that the author relies on to makehis or her argument;

3) Explain the author’s conclusion, and;

4) Explain why you chose this particular topic about whichto write your paper.

The paper should be presented in essay-format thatdemonstrates your ability to write a university-level paper.  That means that your paper must have a pointto it, have an introduction, a body, and a conclusion, as you focus on the mainpoints outlined above.  You must useStandard English in your writing, avoiding colloquial expressions,contractions, and passive voice, while maintaining good grammar usage, propercapitalization and punctuation, correct verb conjugation, and appropriate wordchoices at a sophisticated level. 

Your essay should be 4 pages, double-spaced, and have pagenumbers printed on every page (except the title page and the first page,neither of which take a page number).  Itmust have at the top of the paper a formal bibliographic citation for thearticle according to the Chicago Manual of Style (available in ReferenceSection of Cook and on the Cook home page; Cook also has an electronicsubscription to the Chicago Manual of Style). Failure to include a propercitation for your article will result in a loss of 5 points on the paper. Thepaper should have as few quotations by the author as possible, because suchusage takes away from my ability to see how you read the material and synthesizeit and then write about it.  Your papershould reflect what you understand from the article, allowing your reader tograsp what the article is about without having read it (because I will not haveread every possible article out there from which you are choosing). 

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