What It Means To Be Blind

how did the experience at BISM on Thursday, change your perceptions about what it means to be blind?

I really enjoyed our trip to BISM andi knew more about blind people. In the past i was thinking that theyare having problems in their way for living, but i recognized thatthey can live easily and interact with technology well when i visitedBISM. Before i went their i was asking my self how they can move fromplace to place, how they can cock, how they write and read, and whatthey are need in future. In fact i got all answers that i need sincealong time ago. They can move by their cane to watch their steps, thestudents can make over 20 meals for another and clean dishes after,blind people using DOTS to write and read, one of blind studentstheir said” they are looking for self driving car to use”.

 I wrote this and i would to check after me and use ur words and add more about it .

I just need another pragraph 


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