Web Research Data Mining And Data Entry Job 2


We’re starting a kickstarter campaign http://prefundia.com/projects/view/tv-tracker-automatically-mark-as-watched-your-tv-anime-movies/1170/ and need to find contact details where to post our press release.

Your task is to find people who wrote about TV websites and enter their contact details into Google spreadsheethttps://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Au54ieAFggpUdF83cHNvclNNcWYxSXhMWDhDNy1fTXc&usp=sharing so we could send them info about our kickstarter campaign. 

For example find who posted about “tiii.me” http://goo.gl/CJeNVQ
Try finding articles about other tv websites as well.

Sometimes websites or people do not have an Email, so insert contact URL where to submit the newsarticletip into “Submission URL” column and write “url” in the Email column

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