Trigonometry Assignment

   Choose any four of thefollowing five problems applying trigonometry to solve real-world.

  Sketchof the situation described. In your sketch, label each of the measurements given,as well as the unknown quantity. Each sketch should also indicate which angle measures90 degrees.  Apply the basictrigonometric functions of sine, cosine, and tangent to answer the question.

   Round all trigonometric function values to thenearest thousandth and round all final answers to the nearest whole number. Writeat least one sentence to explain the meaning of the answer for the situation.

1.) The shadow of a vertical toweris 50 m long when the angle of elevation of the sun is 35°.

2.)  Find the height of the tower.  An airplane is flying 12,330 feet abovelevel ground. The angle of depression from the plane to the base of a buildingis 11°. How far must the plane fly horizontally before it is directly over thebuilding?

3.)  A 25-foot ladder is leaning against a buildingso that it makes an angle of 65° with the ground. How far up the building willthe ladder reach?

4.)  From a window 20 feet above the ground, theangle of elevation to the top of a building across the street is 78°, and theangle of depression to the base of the same building is 15°. Find the height ofthe building across the street.

5. A person standing 100 feet fromthe base of the tree looks up to the top of the tree with an angle of elevationof 52°. Assuming that the person’s eyes are 5 feet above the ground, how tall isthe tree?

Part II: Create Your Own Problem

6. Now create your own, originalproblem in which you use the basic right triangle trigonometric functions of sine,cosine, and/or tangent to solve the problem.

a. In two to three sentences, writea description of the problem, including known and unknown measurements. Yourproblem should describe a real-world situation such as those in the previoussection.

b. Draw a picture of the problem,labeling all known and unknown quantities, as well as the location of the rightangle.c. Solve the problem showing all necessary steps and worked. Write asentence to explain the meaning of the answer for your problem.

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