The Language Domain 1

Review the language development goals in Chapter 12 of your text. Then, take a moment to watch the following videos:

  1. Reading and Writing with Preschool and Primary Children

  2. Science and Math Integrating Literacy in Early Childhood

Option One:
Share your favorite children’s book and outline a related activity basedon the book that makes use of technology in an integrated way and meetsone goal from each language development area (listening, speaking,reading, and writing). A variety of lesson plan formats and templatesare available at Teacher Planet. Include the design of an independent, exploratory-play center related to the book in your answer.

Option Two:
Describe a developmentally appropriate, hands-on science activity thatmeets at least one goal from each language development area (listening,speaking, reading and writing) and makes use of technology in anintegrated way.  Include the description of an independent center thatwill be available to children after they have completed theteacher-directed experience, where children can continue to explore ontheir own in the classroom.

Guided Response: Review several of your classmates’activities.  Respond to to at least two of your classmates, and providesuggestions on how these activities might be more “hands-on.”  Inaddition, ask your classmates for their ideas on how to manage theactivity in order to facilitate full participation of each student whileminimizing chaos.

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