Statistics Homework 5

Please show work in excel.

1.  Suppose Foot Locker strongly encourages itsemployees to make formal suggestions to improve the store, the product, and theworking environment. Suppose a quality auditor keeps records of the suggestions,the persons who submitted them, and the geographic region from which they come.A possible breakdown of the number of suggestions over a 3-year period byemployee sex and geographic location follows. Is there any relationship betweenthe sex of the employee and the geo-graphic location in terms of number ofsuggestions? If they are related, what does this relationship mean to thecompany? What business implications might there be for such an analysis?

*Supplement attached for this question with chart

Results:  chi-square = 28.7

degrees of freedom = 5

probability = 0.000

a) is there a relationship between geographic location and sex in terms ofnumbers of suggestions?, and  b) if they are related, what does thisrelationship mean to the company? 

2. Executives of a video rental chain want to predict the success of apotential new store.  The company’s researcher begins by gathering informationon number of rentals and average family income from several of the chain’spresent outlets.

Develop a regression model to predict the number of rentals per day by theaverage family income.  Comment on the output.

**Supplement attached for this question with chart

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