Solve 3 questions ASAP ,, “High Rate Persons” Only !

Hi, Need U solve the three questions and do exactly like what it is says. And do not use any websites. you MUST do it from your own !the first and the second will be attached. 4.56 and 5.10 and the third one is wrote down!the normal part:     Some have asked for more innovative work so I will assign two regulars being 4-56 and 5-10.the gala partThe third assignment is to develop and excel spread sheet for a cannon.  It fires a projectile at 100 m/s at 25 degrees.  You can easily solve this, it goes up and falls back to the ground in about 8.8 seconds.  So let us plot this trajectory over the time from zero to 8.8 seconds in 0.2 second increments.  I suggest you make a time column, then the X at that time next to it and then the Y next.  If you can input the formulas which you all already know then get the mess of #’s you can make a beautiful X-Y scatter graph.  I would like you to hand in that graph with your last name printed first on the upper right hand corner.  If you do it perfect you get 3 points, if you do terrible you still get one point so hand in something.  Of course one could copy others programs, I would never know, but the first several steps teach you some stuff.  Things I had trouble with were should the angles be in degrees or radians.  Another thing is how to enter the constants like 100 and 25.  The best way is to do it some how that they can be changed and all the formulas know of the change.  I will show my program to you Tue and if you want a copy send it to you even after you show me yours.  I personally fine the old excel easier to use than the new version that comes often with new packages you get on a computer.  Soon our program will evolve so that we can solve problems that you can not solve now.

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