Site Analysis

I need a paper and these are the requirements, I was wondering if it could be done?


Write a 750-1,000-word review of a website about ADHD/ADD. The review will evaluate the website using a set of explicit criteria. Consider your audience to be the general public.

Your review should include at least TWO scholarly sources outside of class texts.

This essay is NOT a review of a specific article on the Internet. It is also NOT a review of the CDC site from the rhetorical analysis assignment. Instead, you will choose a different site such as,, or


1.Develop a set of criteria that the general public would see as acceptable for a website about diseases and disorders (like ADHD). To help you select criteria, please visit where you will find a list of criteria commonly used to evaluate websites. Also, review the Discussion Questions for the week concerning the development of criteria for reviewing websites.

2.Describe the website you have chosen.

3.Focus the majority of the essay on explaining how the site does (or does not) meet the criteria you established above.


·Include in-text citations and a References page i for at least TWO scholarly sources outside of class texts.

·These sources should be used to support any claims you make.

·Include this research in the paper in a scholarly manner.

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