Security 2

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1-What is a buffer overflow and how is it used against a webserver?

2-For a sniffer attack to succeed, what must the attackerdo? How can an attacker gain access to a  network to use the sniffer system?

3-What are the types of password attacks? What can a systemadministrator do to protect against them?

4-why is information security a management problem? What canmanagement do that technology cannot?

5-Why is data the most important asset and organization possess?What other assets in an organization require protection?

6-Why do employees constitute one of the greatest threats toinformation security?

7-What measures can individuals take to protect againstshoulder surfing?

8-How has the perception of the hacker changed over recentyears? What is the profile of the hacker today?

9-What is the difference between a skilled hacker and anunskilled hacker (other than skill levels)? how does the protection againsteach differ?

10-What are the various types of malware? How do wormsdiffer from viruses? Do Trojan horses carry viruses or worms?

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