Respond To A High School Essay

Write an essay (at least 250 words) and tell me why youthink people closest to your age group (18-24) have the worst record in votingof any age group.  State your position(the reason why you think 18-24 year olds vote less than other age groups), andsupport it with evidence, examples and reasons. You will need to do some research to find evidence, but you should alsothink about it yourself, and use your experiences to help understand thisissue.



Points possible

Introduction (one paragraph)

Begin with the percentage of voters 18-24 compared to other agegroups. (You will need to do some research to find this.) Then state yourposition (what you think is the most important reason).

5 points

Evidence (one paragraph)

Explain at least one piece of evidence you find in your researchthat helps support your position. Be sure to document your sources.

5 points

Evidence or examples (one paragraph)

Explain another piece of evidence, or specific examples fromyour own observations or research, that help support your position. Be sureto document your source.

5 points

Defend your position (one paragraph)

Explain one piece of evidence or an example that seems todisprove your position, and why your position is still correct in spite of this.Be sure to document your sources.

5 points

Conclusion (one paragraph)

Sum up your argument, and suggest at least one thing that couldbe done to improve voting participation among 18-24 year olds.

5 points

Works cited

List all books and websites you used in researching this issue

5 points

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