Proposed Report On Mobile Wallet Leveraging Nfc 2000 Words 1

Researchreport, taking the presentation of Mobile Wallet – Leveraging NearField Communication (NFC) Payment.This will require literature review, comparison and criticalanalysis of the literature on the topic.

Structure the following sections:

1. Introduction

Your introduction should clearly specify the area ofinterest and state the argument you will be exploring throughout the report. Describe why your argument is relevant /important. Outline the structure of thereport to follow.

2. Summary

Summarise the current studies and industry practices.  The summary should not focus on covering themobile technology details, but on the elements that are relevant to the topicbeing explored.  For example, please donot explain how NFC Payment system works.

3. Analysis

This section is devoted to exploring perspectives on thetopic from other sources.  Use at least 5-10other sources, depending on their quality and significance.  These other sources may be academic papers orbooks, or other material from reputable sources, including trade magazines andonline publications.  Avoid materialwhich is clearly biased or whose principal aim is to promote a commercialproduct.  If you use Wikipedia, treat itnot as a primary source but a secondary source which points you to primarysource material.

4. Conclusion and Extension

Provide a summary of your report, and suggest possible areasfor future research.

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