Personal Reflection 3

PersonalReflection #3

“If you want to make enemies, try to change something.” –Woodrow Wilson

Consider the quote above by Woodrow Wilson.  Based on our readings, ourdiscussions, and your personal/professional experiences, do you agree ordisagree with this quote?  Why?  What experiences do you have thatsupport or refute this assertion? What does this mean to you in your owndevelopment as a leader in change?

Use one of the following options to create your journal entry:

  1. Create a written reflection journal
  2. Use Jing reflectionusing a Screencast
  3. Use Voki to create areflection using a talking avatar 
  4. Participate in a peer dialogue reflection (where youdiscuss the questions above with a peer or colleague and write areflection based on your discussion)

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