Paper In Depth Leisure Analysis No More Than 2 Pages

In Depth Leisure Analysis

The purpose of this assignment is for students to apply the course concepts and tounderstand the benefits of leisure and participation in a variety of leisure opportunities.Students will demonstrate synthesis of correlating leisure involvement to overall personalhealth and wellness. Students will write an in-depth analysis of a personal leisureexperience they engage in during the semester. The format will be through a writtennarrative.


The In Depth Leisure Analysis should consist of 3 sections: activitydescription, a personal analysis and a conceptual analysis. As a component of the classstudents will be encouraged and expected to engage in a variety of leisure activitiesthroughout the semester. Students will need to choose one of these activities to writeabout at some point during the semester. During the semester it is anticipated that students will engage inat least 1 leisure activity per week, which they can choose to write about, but students areonly required to write about 1 activity. Following is a brief outline of potential content.

Students should not directly answer the suggested questions in their writing, but use onlyfor a reference. 

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