Organization Behavior 1

Question Description

Part 1 MT: 4

First, view the video , “East Haven Fire Department:Emotions and Moods.” Then respond to the following 4 questions regardingemotions in the workplace:

  1. How do the rescue and fire fighter employees keep theiremotions balanced?
  2. How do you handle your emotions at work?
  3. How might emotional intelligence help us keep emotionsin balance?
  4. What did you learn from this video clip about how tokeep emotions in check?

Part 2 MT: 5

Watch the video called “Motivation”provided by Pearson Publishing:The Work Zone Role Plays located in yourLearning Activity .

Then answer the following question:

  • After watching the video, highlight what the announcerssay drives motivation. Do you agree or disagree? What motivates you andwhy? What motivational theory do you think applies to you and why?
  • Use information from the assigned Reading as supportwithin both responses.

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