Literature Review 2

A Literature Review is a synthesis of background work that supports a research question/hypothesis you will pursue or argument you will make. It then describes the major findings in the area understudy. Basically, a Literature Review lays the foundation for research by:

-offering a survey of the work that has been completed by others

-supporting a rationale for a developing research project.


One to two pages, no less than one

Double-spaced exactly, extra space removed, 1 inch margins

Left-justified, tab in for paragraphs

Margins all around are one inch

Times New Roman or Garamond, Size 12

Introduction, followed by content organized into coherent paragraphs, concluding with a research question hypothesis, or argument

Complete sentences, subject/verb agreement, consistent tense

In-text citations follows APA style

Reference list with a Minimum of five (5) sources

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