It Article And Writing About It Security Problem

The following articles talk about default passwords being exploited and a lackof whitelisting.  These are both fairly simple best practices.  Write aparagraph describing the importance of one of these or another best practicethat you would  Home Depot implement.

Home Depot Breach Affected 56 Million Cards (September 18, 2014)

Home Depot acknowledged that the breach of its point-of-sale systems affectedan estimated 56 million payment cards. Is a press release, the company said thatthe attackers used “unique, custom-built malware.” Additional information aboutthe data breach at Home Depot suggests that it affects mainly cards used in selfcheckout lanes.

[Editor’s Note (Pescatore): Lesson learned in these recent PoS attacks is whyin the world aren’t you using white listing on the PCs attached to paymentdevices? There is absolutely no business need to allow arbitrary software to runon tills/registers. One area the PCI regime could improve this: Reduce the DSSemphasis on antivirus software everywhere and focus more onwhitelisting/application control on any computing device in the PoS chain.

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