Hhs 460 Research Methods In Health Amp Human Services 2

Week 5 –
Discussion 1 – Ethics in Research

Ethics plays an important role in
conducting of research. While the individual researcher is responsible for
his/her ethical practice, any research sponsored by an organization,
university, or government program has a review process guided by a code of
ethics.  Besides the code of ethics, the Institutional Review Board (IRB)
plays an important role in monitoring research.  Your task in this
discussion is to examine the origins of the IRB and analyze how the Review
Board guides or monitors research.  In your 250-300 word post answer the
following three questions:

  • What does the IRB do to protect a research participant from harm?
  • One of the reasons for the existence of the IRB has to do with screening
         research applications. What is the basis for such screening?
  • The IRB provides the guidelines for ethical research practice. What would the
         researcher responsibilities be in terms of these guidelines?

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