For Statics

I need someone who is proffessinal in solving Statics (Mechanics) questions. The problems need to be solved in a certin or as you may call a specific method the professor asked for. Therefore, no other ways or methods because I will recieve a zero grade.For questions number 4.68 , 4.72 , 4.73 , 4.75, I would you to use the method of equation of equilibrium. This method required using the sum of  a moment about any point, the sum of forces on x-axis, the sum of forces on y-axis.I have uploaded the problems from the solution manual with the solution but it’s actually solved with the graphical method, which is way I need somebody to solve it with the method of equation of equilibrium. You should end up with the same answer when you solve with the method I want.This assignment need to be delivered to me befor or on 6:00 am because I will deliver it to my pro on 8:00 am on May 29, 2014 USA Eastern Time

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