Federal Government Amp Local Government

Question Description

Studentswill write two paragraphs on the importance that government has onour lives. One paragraph will deal  with the Federal  Governmentand other will deal with the impact of local government on our lives.How does it affect us? What can we change? Is it fair the way thatgovernment is run? All of these questions and more will be answered. 

Secondpart Students will be writing a letter to a local newspaper to voicetheir opinion of an issue of importance. This issue can deal with thelocal or national level and must be appropriate for a newspaper topublish. Students must state why the issue is important and why itneeds to be changed. 

Hewants to do this section on pot-holes in the street and the damage itcauses on vehicles. 

willyou take 10 for this project?

It has to be written in a 16 year oldmanner.

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