English 15

“Reading the Prompt.” 

Getting ready to write first understanding the writing assignment or prompt. Any assignment given you will try to “prompt” you to respond to a specific issue or question. The more thoroughly you understand the prompt, the better paper you will create. So you want to learn how to interact with the essay assignment to make sure you understand all its complexities. Applying the chapter reading strategy to your writing assignment is a good way to accomplish this goal. ( this was in the book on what we had to read).

1) Brainstorm ideas about comparing and contrasting “dress shoes” and“athletic shoes.” What qualities do you look for in a pair of dressshoes? What qualities do you look for in a pair of athletic shoes? Arethere features that you look for in both dress shoes and athletic shoes?Are there things you look for in dress shoes that would never beacceptable in a pair of athletic shoes?

 2) Does your brainstorm lean toward more similarities between dressshoes and athletic shoes or more differences? Decide what point you wantto make with your comparison and develop a thesis statement. Remember, athesis statement contains a topic and your opinion on the topic.

3) Write your thesis statement here.

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