Determine How You Would Design The Incident Response Plan And Team

Imagine you work for a medium-sized business in theinformation security department and suppose you’ve determined the need tostructure and implement an incident response plan and team. Propose how youwould make a business case for the management team, explaining why this is aneeded component of the security program at the company.

•Determine how you would design the incident response team,knowing that you would use six people from your current staff to comprise theteam. Identify the role that each of these individuals would take and brieflydiscuss the tasks each would need to absorb.

Select a law that currently governs how technology can beused and discuss it in detail utilizing your own words. Determine whether ornot you believe this legislation and other laws surrounding technology are keepingup with the changes and fast paced advancement of information technology andcrime. Provide a rationale with your response.

•analyze the purpose of HITECH and determine how this act ishelping to shape the future of breach notification and consumer protection.Conclude whether or not you believe legislation such as HITECH forces the handsof companies when a breach occurs and whether or not this is better for thebreached companies in the end.

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