Com 200 Interpersonal Communication

Discussion1: Everyone Has a Culture.

1: Define culture and explain its importance in communication.

2: Describe your own culture.

3: Explain how your culture shapes how you communicate with others.

Make sure you write the questions first than the answers under them.

* Define culture and explain why it is impotant to understand communication.

* Take some time to write about your own culture and share with us what makes you who you are. Your culture can be related to your race,ethnicity,gender,age,nationality,religion,sexual orientation,hobbies,religion,etc. Try not to focus on just one of these aspects of yourself, but instead utilize as many cultural elements as possible.

*How does your culture and those from other cultures?

Discussion2: The “Self” and Communication

1: Define self-concept

2: Define self-image

3: Define self-esteem

4: Reflect on how one of these has impacted your interpersonal communication.

Write questions first then answers under them.

*Define self-concept, self-image, and self-esteem. Write at lease two sentences on each term.

*Provide an example of how your “self-concept”, “self-image”, or “self-esteem” has affected your interpersonal communication.

*Use specific examples to illustrate your point.

*Support your points about the relationship between psychology and Communication and for your definitions of the three key terms.

Use the reference : Bevan, J.L.,& Sole,K.(2014). Making connections: Understanding interpersonal communication (2nd ed.) San Diego, CA: Bridgepoint Education, Inc.

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