C Programming Visual Studios

The Class is C# and needs to be programmed in that language. I use Visual Studios and I don’t even know where to start. Its been 2 years since I’ve used visual studios. Can someone please help..ProblemWrite a program that includes an Employee class that can be used to calculate and print the take-homepay for a commissioned sales employee. All employees receive 7% of the total sales. Federal tax rate is18%. Retirement contribution is 10%. Social Security tax rate is 6%. Write instance methods to calculatethe commission income, federal and social security tax withholding amounts and the amount withheldfor retirement. Use appropriate constants, design an object-oriented solution, and write constructors.Include at least one mutator and one accessor method; provide properties for the other instancevariables. Create a second class to test your design. Allow the user to enter values for the name of theemployee and the sales amount for the week in the second class.Requirements1) Using proper naming conventions for constants (UPPER_CASE), variables (camelCase) andmethods (PascalCase).2) Output should be formatted properly.3) Program should compile and run without errors.

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