Business 206

Please follow the instructions below
1- Write about the main case ” Workers at N.Y.U.’s Abu Dhabi Site Faced Harsh Conditions” ( 4 paragraphs ) each paragraph should be around 7 lines.

2- Please write 2-3 sentencesfor each of the following questions, a total of no more than ½ page inWord.  I would like your answers to be of manageable size so that othersmay read and comment upon them. 

Read the article on NYU Abu Dhabi, found at

  1. Should ethical universalism or ethical relativism apply in this case?  Explain your choice.

When planning construction of the NYU Abu Dhabi campus, NYU drafted a “Statement of Labor Values” found at

  1. Usingthe theory on Global Corporate Responsibility, categorize this type ofdocument.  What factors influence the effectiveness of these documents?

Discussing the role of subcontractors, raises the following question: “where does the buck stop in this case”?  

  1. Takea position on where final responsibility lies in internationalcooperative projects like NYU Abu Dhabi.  Is the use of subcontractors aparticular weakness for companies that seek global standards?  Do theylose control?

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