Bus210 Week 6checkpoint


Job Fair Brochure

Continue to explore the hypothetical companyyou created in Week Four. You have set up a booth at the local job fair togenerate interest in your new company and search for prospective employees.

1— Create a 1-page brochure describing yourcompany’s structure, business model, and culture.  Use visuals, graphics.

 2—Write a 500- to 750-word paper in APAformat describing the structure, business model, and culture you selected.Provide justification for why you selected each element and explain how yourchoice may affect your business.  This is a Word document.–Formal Paper

Post your brochure and paper (2 separate partsof this week’s Assignment) as an attachment via your Assignment’s link. 

Include a Certificate of Originality with all work submitted.  Include atitle/cover page.

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