Assignment #7

Question #1. Watch the video titled “Meet the Volcanoes” (2 min 57 s). Be prepared to discuss.Video Source: NOVA. (2013, January 3). Meet the Volcanoes [Video file]. Retrieved from (Links to an external site.). Compare and contrast the eruption styles of the Mauna Loa Volcano in Hawaii and Mount Pinatubo in Philippines. Note: Be sure to include a review of the plate tectonic setting, as well as the role of magma composition and viscosity at each location on the morphology of the volcano and eruption style.Question #2. Describe how Wegener’s continental drift hypothesis has helped to shape modern plate tectonic theory, and why his hypothesis was not widely accepted by his peers when first proposed. Analyze the types of evidence used to support plate tectonic theory.Please review the Grading Rubric posted in the info tab.

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