Argumentative Persuasive Essay

the word argument usually conjures up images of agitated people disagreeing with each other, often emotionally. In academic writing, the argument or persuasive essay is not about confrontation. Instead, this essay relies on detailed evidence, cool logic, and precise language to persuade readers to accept a viewpoint or to take an action. This ability to make a reasonable, persuasive case for your point of view can be one of the most important skills for your advancement in the workplace.

For this Individual Project, you should either choose one of the topics below or devise one of your own (with your instructor’s approval) and write a short argument or persuasive essay. As you discovered in your reading, you will assert a position on the topic and then defend that position so well that others might agree with you. Remember, the argument or persuasive essay is not a personal rant. Your goal is to appear unbiased.

One of the ways of achieving a level of objectivity is to consider counterarguments against your position. Therefore, at least one of your paragraphs should include some discussion of a counterargument. For example, if you write in favor of abolishing the death penalty, you might devote some discussion to the loved ones of a murder victim, the need for these survivors to gain closure, or even their demands that the perpetrator meet a similar fate as the loved one taken from them.

Suggested Topics

Obamacare (ACA) should be repealed. 

 Global climate change is a hoax. 

 All public schools should adopt a school uniform policy. 

 The “war on terror” has become a war against American freedoms. 

 All eligible citizens should be required to vote or pay a fine. 

 Censorship is never justified. 

 High-stakes testing should be eliminated in public education. 

 Drivers convicted of a first-time DUI should receive mandatory jail 


 The death penalty should be repealed in all states. 

 The rich in America should pay more taxes. 

 Students are harmed by their dependence on personal digital 

technology (laptops, smart phones, etc.). 

 Tobacco products should be made illegal. 

 America’s chief executive officers (CEOs) are paid too much. 

 Dieting ultimately makes you gain weight. 

 The “war on drugs” has become a war on America’s minorities. 

 English should be the official language of the United States. 

 The legal age for drinking alcohol should be lowered to 18. 

 The cost of higher education is too high. 

 Creationism should be taught in public schools. 

 Snack and soda vending machines should be removed from public 


 Supermarkets should charge for plastic bags. 

 Child beauty pageants should be banned. 

 Mandatory sentencing in nonviolent drug cases should be ended. 

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