Applying The S Tlc System

Must be original, no plagiarism. Must have references and be marked in the body of the work. No Wikipedia       

TheS-TLC system for responding to conflict teaches us to stopthinklisten,and communicate. For this discussion, read the scenario below. Putyourself in the role of Maria and apply the S-TLC system to help her respond tothe conflict appropriately. Be sure to thoroughly analyze the conflict andidentify what Maria’s goals should be. Include the use of I-statements to helpMaria communicate with her boss. Must be 250 – 300 words in length.

CaseStudy Scenario 
Maria is an account assistant for mid-sized company with three offices in theregion. She has worked in this position for almost six years. During this timeshe has worked for several account managers that have left the organization orhas moved to different departments. Maria has developed a very good workingrelationship with many of the external customers and has developed into the”go-to” person at the office for customer information. Due to theslow economy, sales have been down and the senior executives have decided toconsolidate the three local offices. Senior management consulted with Maria’smanager, but not with Maria, when gathering information to make the changes.One of the results that came from this reorganization included several changesto Maria’s job description and how customer accounts were going to be handled.Maria was not happy with these changes and felt that the changes could alsohave a negative impact on the customer relationships that have been formed. Shewants to share her frustrations about these new changes.

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