Analyze Yourself In Relation To Your Ethical Dispositions And Beliefs

WeekThree Journal


Youwill analyze yourself in relation to your ethical dispositions and beliefs. Youwill then explicate the three primary ethical concepts that you would try toinstill in your own workforce were you to run a company or manage people.


Thereare two parts to this assignment. First, you will analyze yourself in relationto a number of questions about your personal ethical beliefs, values, andgoals. This portion of the journal will be completed by answering the questionsunder “Personal Profile” below. In the second portion of the assignment, youwill also explain the three fundamental principles you would use to guide acompany that you owned or began, and then you will explain why you find thoseprinciples the most important for running a company.

Pleaseanswer all questions in detail. Because this journal is worth 5% of your finalgrade, there is a high expectation for your participation. Grades for thejournals are based on content, critical engagement, quality of reflection, anddetail. Please submit the completed journal via the Assignment Basket found inthe Week Three Journal tab on the left navigation toolbar by Day 7.

Personal Profile

Describe and conductresearch on yourself (Sachteleben, n.d.). Reflect on the following questions andexplain your answers to these attributes and questions in paragraph form.

1.  Describeyour personality (choose 3 power words)

2.  Explainyour primary ethical perspectives.

a.  Whatare the ways that you try to live an ethically good life and why do you thinkthat these ways are the best ways?

b.  Feelfree to include ethical theory and analysis that you have learned about in yourstudy of the text and articles.

3.  Whatare your primary values?

4.  Whatspecific activities reflect your primary values? (e.g., “saving money to helpthe needy” or “protecting the environment”)

5.  Whatare your primary beliefs about life and the way that you interact in your placeof business or work?

6.  Whatcauses do you participate or hope to participate in?

7.  Whatare your pet peeves?

8.  Whatare your goals, dreams, or plans for the future both professionally as well aspersonally?

9.  Haveyou ever had any unusual experiences? (e.g., “Worked in the peace corps in theSudan,” “Went to school in Germany,” “Survived a severe storm,” “Met a famousperson,” “Home-schooled my kids.”)

10.  Doyou belong to any groups or have any affiliations that help to orient yourlife?


Sachteleben,M. (n.d.). How to write a profile: Online or off, write about your personalgoals and skills. Retrieved from

Reflection Prompt for Personal Profile Activity

Onceyou have completed your personal analysis, please reflect on the following andprovide your thoughts in paragraph form.

  1. If you were running abusiness, what are the three ethical virtues or principles that you would useto create the optimally ethical environment for your company? 
  2. Please explain why you choseeach virtue or principle and how it would foster good business. Feel freeto be creative here and to not abide by common standards of morality ifyou do not think that it is important to abide by certain standards inbusiness. For example, you might claim that honesty is the best policy. However,someone might claim that it would actually be best to foster deception inorder to maximize profits. Either way, explain why you chose the variousprinciples.

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