Question Description

  1. What is an algorithm? (4 pts) 
  2. Find one on-line example of an algorithm (tryto find one that solves any math problem), and repeat (retype and/or copy bytaking a screen shot) that algorithm into your homework submittal. [Screenshots on many PC’s are done by pressing Alt-PrintScreen keys simultaneously tocopy the screen, then pasting it into a Word doc]. Do not forget to cite yoursource. The source must be external to the class, i.e. internet resources, andnot the class PowerPoints. (4 pts)

  3. Share any observations about what you may havefound interesting or useful in examining the cited algorithm, e.g. did youlearn a better way to solve that particular problem, or not, and why? (3pts)

  4. State your opinion as to the value ofunderstanding in solving engineering problems. (4 pts)  

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