1200 Word Paper Needed Dariusg2319

Writing and Submission Requirements

Length: 1200-1500 words, not including references

Format: MLA Style: 12-pt Times New Roman font, double spaced, 1” margins, name and date, paginated, in-text citations

Sources: Cite a minimum of 4 sources in MLA style

Assignment Prompt and Context

You have written an evaluation analysis in which you identified something as a good example of a sustainable practice. In a way, you have implicitly identified a problem: what happens in the absence of this sustainable practice, or what problem is this sustainable practice a response to?

In your causal analysis, devise an argument that either traces what CAUSED the problem you have identified or what potential impact/effect(s)/CONSEQUENCES your problem could have.

Though of course one might analyze the causes of some positive thing (the Dali Lama and other scholars have written books on the causes of happiness), most academics are interested in problems that need to be understood and, ultimately, solved. Look forward to the proposal we are going to be writing. A convincing proposal must articulate a problem and present a solution for it. Your causal analysis can be a first step to writing your proposal. Identify a possible cause of a problem (especially if you can find a surprising cause, e.g. global warming is in part caused by our failure to invest in wind energy) or the consequences of a problem (global warming causes the following serious problems for our environment, our economy, and for our health).

Tip: Limit the scope of your paper. For example, instead of addressing all the possible causes of global warming, address the cause that relates to what you intend to propose. A paper about how methane from cows contributes to global warming will probably not help you write your proposal in which you call for greater investment in hydropower.

Your analysis may deal with a single cause or multiple causes, but you will be held to the requirement that the causal relationships you describe be proven convincingly. The proof should come from your research. Avoid phrasings such as “it’s obvious” or “it’s clear that” or vague amounts like “American cars cause a lot of greenhouse gases.” Think about what we’ve discussed regarding logos (organization!), ethos (hard data! quotes from experts! citations correctly done!), and pathos (examples that make the issue relatable).

Finally, assemble the evidence that you collect in an organized and thoughtful manner, and frame the essay as an analytical argument. Your thesis will be simply that one thing causes another. I ask that for this paper you write explicit topic sentences that directly relate and refer to your thesis and that encapsulate what the paragraph to follow will be about.

My topic is about “improper disposal of hazardous waste”. It is due soon so I would like to have the paper byMonday or Tuesday please. Anything higher than a B is great and don’t use too much large vocabulary but use some. 

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